Efficient transport for the benefit of our customers

Our efficient transport times give our customers a number of benefits.


Quick transport - and not just for urgent deliveries
Our customers are in a unique position with regard to competition on their own markets as all transport is carried out rapidly and efficiently, which they use as a sales argument with regard to their own customers.

Savings on administration
As a result of our concept, customers have no need to worry about driving and resting times when calculating transport times or laying down logistics plans, thus making the work much easier and simpler.

Local drivers with good customer contact
Even though we use changing drivers on the lorries, it will often be the same driver meeting customers at the loading and unloading points. Among other things this means that the driver speaks the local language and is thus able to understand and pass on messages, such as complaints from the consignee.

Safe transport
The concept reduces the risk of robbery and theft, as the lorry only halts at lorry stops for very short periods and the driver is always wide awake. The lorries are also all satellite-monitored.