Efficient concept

With its unique and efficient concept, ICB trucking performs transport assignments quickly, efficiently and with a high service level for consignors, forwarders and consignees.


Specialists in efficient transport
ICB trucking specialises in efficient trucking with a clear division of work between us and our customers, where our customers are in contact with their own customers and are responsible for logistics. ICB trucking handles the actual transport using its unique driver concept and efficient use of vehicles.

Unique driver concept
The linchpin of ICB trucking operations is a special driver concept, which quite simply means that the lorry is kept on the move, but with changing drivers.
The first driver takes the lorry to one of the fixed driver destination where another driver is ready to take over and bring it to the next driver destination. The concept is repeated until the load arrives at the consignee's address, and thus provides the fastest transport times possible under the current rules.

Legal transport company
ICB trucking is a transport business which complies with all the applicable rules for driving and resting periods. We have our drivers take their rest at designated destinations - not in the lorry. In our world, lorries are unsuitable and too expensive for use as driver hotels. Once the driver has rested and is able to drive again, we have him drive back to his starting point, which as a rule is also his home.

Efficient use of vehicles
There is no problem in using modern lorries to their full extent - and they are not affected by driving and resting rules.

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